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Charlotte 13TheMusical

Charlotte is a girl who likes to text and hang out with friends. She is very gullible and will believe anything anyone tells her! It was believed by the other kids that she spread a rumor about Kendra and Evan


Molly, Cassie, Lucy and KendraEdit

She is friends with all of the cheerleaders (Molly, Cassie, Lucy, and Kendra). She spreads rumors with Molly and Cassie , meaning she trusts them with secrets, and recieves a phone call from Lucy in "It Can't Be True". She tells Kendra that everyone is talking about her date with Brett, meaning she wouldn't talk about Kendra behind her back. It is possible she was friends with Evan for a short time, them being seen talking to each other in the school halls. She has a crush on Simon but he doesn't notice. Her best friend is Cassie who later becomes best friends with Lucy, and Charlotte doesn't even realize it.


Charlotte has a main role in "A Little More Homework" and "Brand New You". She has a minor role in "It Can't Be True" and background vocals in "Opportunity" and "13/ Becoming a Man".


Music- Charlotte is a soprano. In "A Brand New You" there is an extremely high note that she reaches that requires the strength that a soprano would have. If you can master that note then you have a large chance of getting that role if you tried to get it.

Dancing- Medium-hard (depending on what theatre group you are in). Charlotte has a large amount of dancing in "A Brand New You" and "Opportunity". Also she has a lot of dancing in "It Can't Be True".

Acting- Charlotte is the second least major role (The smallest role is Cassie and the second smallest is Charlotte) so she doesn't have as many lines as Molly,Lucy, Kendra, and Patrice. Charlotte still requires good acting skills and good movement as a follower of the popular girls. She was split into two roles, "Charl" and "Lotte", in the Usdan Center for the Creative and Performing Arts day camp.