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One of the cheerleaders; wants to date Brett

Broadway actor

Delaney Moro

Kendra Quaker (Kendra Peterson in the book) is a beautiful head-cheerleader. She is sweet, bubbly, and perky. She is also naive and impressionable. Lucy is always in her shadow. She likes Brett , and he likes her back. She's mostly oblivious to the fact that Archie has a huge crush on her, but she is sympathetic. Unfortunately, her personality isn't strong enough for her to stand up for what's right, even when she's knows that her best friend is wrong.


Lucy is her manipulative best friend who is mean to everyone she doesn't like. She even manipulates Kendra because Kendra is an airhead, and she'll follow anything Lucy says or does. Kendra likes Brett, who likes her back until Lucy ruins her chances with Brett. It is unknown if they are friends at the end of the musical after Lucy spreads a rumor that makes everyone turn on her.


After the disaster at The Bloodmaster, Evan conivnces Brett to come back to Kendra, Kendra realizes, with Lucy's help, that she owes him big time, and they become friends. They meet at the Dairy Queen at 5 the day that Lucy spreads the rumor, Kendra thanks Evan and they hug, soon to be seen by all the cool kids and Brett ends his relationship with Kendra and Lucy betrays her. It is unknown if they are friends at the end of the musical.


Archie has a major crush on Kendra. They have a brief discussion after Brett breaks up with her, and Archie says she can do better than Brett. She kisses him on the cheek and then runs off after Brett.


She is the head cheerleader, so she is obviously friends with them.....duh


Brett asks out Kendra when school starts and she says yes, ignoring Lucy's remarks on the matter. Lucy tells Kendra that Brett wants to do the tongue at the movies, and she becomes nervous. She then seeks Lucy's help, Lucy telling her not to kiss him at all. At the movies, Kendra and Brett get worked up about their kiss and it gets ruined by Archie, who later reveals that he's on a date with Kendra, which was set up by Evan. Brett and Kendra get in a fight at the movies when Brett threatens Evan and Archie, hurts him and stomps off and out of the theater, not seeing Lucy kiss Brett. Later on, Evan convinces Brett to go back to Kendra, which he later on apologizes in the girl's bathroom after he ends things with Lucy. Kendra gives in and they resume dating, soon to be ruined by Lucy and her rumors of Kendra cheating on Brett with Evan, even before they got back together. Brett ends things with Kendra at the Dairy Queen and Lucy wins Brett.


Kendra has a small part in "Hey Kendra" and has some solo lines in "13/Becoming A Man". She also has a couple of solo lines in "Getting Ready" and plays a large role in "Any Minute".

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